As the New Year approaches, the Minster Surfacing team is getting ready to repair thousands of potholes using green technology.

pothole on a wet road

While pothole repair is a year-round task across Lincolnshire’s 5,500 miles of roads, the cold, wet weather means that many more potholes are likely to appear on the roads by the end of winter.

We work with Lincolnshire County Council and Kier to repair roads across the county and as part of a proactive approach, we’ve been hired to work on these potholes and we’ll be using our latest tools and techniques to get as many fixed as we can without compromising on quality and at a low cost to the environment.

Managing director of Minster Surfacing, Bruce Spencer-Knott said:

“Potholes are an unfortunate consequence of the cold wet weather, but we’ve been investing in the latest technology and techniques so we can work quicker, more efficiently and with a reduced impact on the environment without compromising quality. Our machines are ready, our teams are prepared; we’re ready to strike and get those potholes fixed and patches repaired.”

Green pothole repairs

In total, we’ve used more than 100,000 tonnes of asphalt in 2018, in addition to the tens of thousands of tonnes of recycled material we produce from the old road surfaces we replace. Currently, around 50% of the material we remove from roads is recycled as a sustainable alternative to asphalt and as binder course products and much of the asphalt we use is produced from secondary aggregates.

Together, this means we’re working more efficiently than ever before and it’s reducing our carbon footprint and the reliance on quarries.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways at Lincolnshire County Council said:

“We always work hard to address potholes with the resources we have but as we get closer to the end of winter, more of them are likely to appear. The bulk of the work will begin once the worst of the winter weather has passed, and although we won’t be able to fix every pothole as soon as they appear, motorists can be assured that we’re using all our resources as effectively and as efficiently as possible when they’re reported to us. We aren’t waiting for a problem to develop before we tackle it, we’re working preemptively to make sure we’re ready to get potholes fixed quickly. It’s great to see so many green innovations being used by Minster Surfacing on Lincolnshire’s roads to help them work more sustainably and to a very high standard.”

If you’ve spotted any potholes or other faults in the road, you can report them to Lincolnshire County Council by visiting or calling 01522 782070.

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